Skirt no. 002

60's elegance

Beautiful midi box pleated skirt with pockets for everyday outfits.

Skirt no.003

Dream of spring

Stunning maxi number with bow belt is unmistakably perfect for every special occasion. Full circle box pleated design with more than 9 meters in hem circumference speaks "volumes"...

Skirt no.004

Plum ideas

Perfect unusual color that fits like a glove with neutral tones of blouse and heels. Sounds like a good idea?

Skirt no.005

Black is always a win

Full circle classic design in black makes this skirt unavoidable to find in every stylish girls closet! Why? Because it doesn't get any more perfect than that.

Skirt 001

Rhapsody in green

Looking for some head turner? Here it is! Amazing grass green midi box pleated skirt with pockets just above the knees is the one to steel the show!

Skirt 006

Orange fashion juice

Classic skirt with modern twist is maybe all you need to spice the life at this moment. Sounds like you have something on your mind?

Skirt 007

White mini bomb

This one is for your perfect legs in those heels you bought the other day. You know it will leave the crowd breathless! Come on, it's time to have some fun!

Skirt 008

Fuschia old school

Classic box pleated midi skirt in beautiful fuschia is never out of date. That's some secure investment in your wardrobe.

Skirt 008

Red Intentions

Perfect maxi skirt for special occasions, very easy to mix with other garments because of its simple half circle design. Great for maximum effect with minimum styling effort.

Skirt 009

Royal blue refresh

Amazing color with amazing minimalistic design. This midi skirt is just what you need to refresh your wardrobe!

Skirt 005

Full circle black

This is an example how our no.005 looks on a taller model. Full circle design, 60cm long skirt is great choice for everyone. It's available in 18 more colors and 5 different sizes.

Skirt 010

Nude pink trumpet skirt

Classic with unexpected twist don't you think? For dreamers, adventurers, for ladies who always search for more content in their life. Seems like it speaks your name?

Skirt 011

Deep red mini box pleats

Fantastic piece, full circle design with mini box pleats is guaranteed to bring satisfaction to those who are looking for girly moment with maximum fabric volume.

Skirt 001

Rhapsody in green

This skirt is absolutely amazing in combo with black top and black shoes! We had hundreds of our customers ordering this particular skirt just because of that stunning outfit. It's really easy to achieve because every girl have black top and black shoes for sure.

Skirt 012

World class

A line black skirt with two box pleats in the middle is phenomenal choice for ladies who wish to accentuate their waist.

Skirt 013

Lavender mission

For ladies who like unusual design and pretty colors wrapped in one really fashionable piece.

Skirt 014

Turquoise fantasy

If you are into pastels, then maybe, this one is a catch! Beautiful small box pleats at the makes this skirt dreamy, fun and carefree. Just for sunny days.

Skirt 005

Peach perfect

Adorable peach, pastel color makes this classic skater skirt everlasting hit! For some new unforgettable moments.

Skirt 008

Pine green evergreen

Great choice for more subtle outfit but effective nevertheless. This deep green skirt makes it easy to be praised for your style and perfect sense for fashion.

Skirt 015

Black simplicity

Throw and go moment but with no mistakes. Classic, simple, pencil black skirt. Forever in trend.

Skirt 016

Midi royal blue beauty

Awesome skirt for various occasions- casual, office, hanging out with friends, you name it, this skirt got it! We offer many different colors and they all are just wow!

Skirt 017

Unusual overlap skirt

Black maxi A line skirt with pockets and unusual overlapping design. Stunning piece for ladies who like to stand out and make strong fashion statements. Sounds like something you would love to wear?

Skirt 011

Deep green connection

There's no chance to leave a spot for doubt in this skirt. For strong personality, carefree spirit and serious charm! For heartbreakers who leave men breathless and wanting more.

Skirt 004

Warm pink skater

Radiant pink skater skirt for free spirits and girls who like to see the world as place where you can have fun more often. Want to wear something nice like this?

Skirt 001

Peach twist

Maybe some girls like same design but with different vibe. Then we offer our bestseller just in more subtle color and that is a guaranteed success!

Skirt 016

Beige midi skirt

Beautiful beige colored midi box pleated skirt for amazing outfits! This color is so pretty and so in right now that maybe it should be on its way to your closet right now. Sounds like a good advice?

Skirt 017

50-s swing skirt

Over the knee skater skirt will never go away from style! It's classic, it's chic, it's style goals.

Skirt 011

Black mini box pleats

Adorable skirt with charm and some great volume to it. Perfect for quick outfit solutions because it goes well with almost everything.